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This fold is pure white with locks that actually look like feathers when she runs into the wind. She runs with grace even at a full gallop. Always looking in a 180 degree angle to avoid tripping or running into a tree. When she reaches the bank of the river, she pauses and looks for any creature that might hinder her. She wishes only to drink water without consuming any other creatures of nature.

She takes a drink and raises her head so the water cascades down her throat. She continues until she feels she has enough fuel to sustain the remainder of Her journey.

She must meet with her Friends in the Valley of Love. The Valley of Love possesses many wonders know only to the stallions and fold that were born here. She is glad to be home. She discovered that fields beyond the valley were not as rich in soil. Nor were the tender grass as sweet. The Valley of Love only has creatures that Love each other and respect each other’s gift that help the valley yield such bounty. The horses leave their waste that actually helps grow the flowers, trees and grass. The valley is surrounded by Mountains and when the Sun shines it is very warm all year around like a green house effect. She is glad to be home and she cannot wait to inform Her Friends and Family of her Life beyond the Valley of Love. She tells of the beating of the horses running on a round track.The horses that lost the race; were taken to be slaughtered for dog food. She explains that the horse that wins has a Life of Luxury; however, once you do not win or become old you are taken to a field that does not possess the rich green tender grass of the Valley of Love.

We all must understand of what we have and to be thankful for all of our treasures. Being born in the Valley of Love is the most rewarding Life you could ever have. Often we think maybe it is better to see the other side of Life. Never being content or satisfied with Your Life.

Humans who are greedy or needy all of the time; will never reach HAPPINESS. Be thankful for Your life and continue to share and give of yourself to help others who are not as fortunate as You. The more You give the more You get. I am experiencing a wonderful time in my Life. May you also read my thoughts and understand you can have Heaven on Earth. Stay in the Valley of Love and enjoy your journey, meeting everyone and discussing their needs and how you will help them accomplish their goals.

May You find Your valley of Love and be thankful to Your Creator.