On Christmas Day I was observing the feeders my Sister placed on her trees on Lake Kasshabog.  The Blue Jays were all sitting on near by branches waiting for the Blue Jay on the suet feeder to complete his meal.  One by one all of the Blue Jays went to the feeder by themselves.  They ate their breakfast in a very calm manner.  The other Blue Jays were very courteous and patient to wait for their turn to have breakfast.

When I observe Sea Gulls in a plaza where McDonald’s have a restaurant they are all patiently waiting on the ground or flying above the parked vehicles.  When a customer throws out a french fry of the parked car they all swoop down like vultures screaming and fighting for the french fry.  They demand of each other to take possession of the fry or fry’s they do not intend to share.  They are very hostile to one another.

I hope you get the message.  My goal is to have every one on this Planet to be a Blue Jay.  We do not need to be Sea Gulls.