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Greetings Fellow Traveller,

My name is Lynn Barry Worthington, I’m an author and poet originally from the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario. Over my 67 years of life I have travelled many roads and explored many places, a life long adventure that continues to this day.

My story began on a small napkin as I made my way out across this great nation. It was a time of healing and discovery, a long road filled with events that would one day be the words and laughs I share late at night over campfires and coffee mugs. I continue to enjoy the sharing of ideas and the company of aspiring authors like myself.

I wrote my first book over 40 years ago, titled “The Questions I Ask Myself”. For me, it was an intriguing compilation of my ideas and thoughts of a young philosopher and student. Since then, my works and my interests have brought me to see the beauty of our natural world, especially across the Canadian landscape.

As a fisherman, I have discovered a very important issue that must be considered for the health and future of our world. Fresh Water.

Together, my team and I have created a story about the importance of maintaining our fresh water supplies and protecting our environment. For me, children must be the ones to be taught, and so with the help of my artists and friends, we have started the Billy Bass Campaign.

Please explore my website to learn more about the Billy Bass Campaign!

Happy Trails!

-Lynn Barry Worthington


Current Projects:

“Billy Bass & The Five Waves Rocks”

“Acrostic Poetry Anthology 2015”

“The Life Story of Catherine”

” Spike The Bluefin Tuna”

Writing Gift Cards

Finish Projects:

“The Questions I Ask Myself”

“Acrostic Poetry Anthology 2013”

“Acrostic Poetry Anthology 2014”


“Most people won’t believe me when I say, I travelled across Canada with $10 in my pocket. But I did it, and it was a blast” – LBW