Sully maybe the last male leather back sea turtle born due to global warming.  The temperature of the ocean has risen. by 3 degrees and the female can no longer produce male eggs.

Lets hope that Sully can get the word out to the World.  Be simply driving a battery operated car will help reduce the temperature of the oceans.  My Grandfather and his Father travelled

by horse and buggy.  Perhaps the invention and building of gas operated vehicles has changed the World.  Other animals are also suffering due to Global Warming.  the ice bergs in northern Canada are melting.  This increases the amount of moisture in the World.  Many devastating floods have injured and killed several people.  Polar bears have a reduced living space to hunt for food.

I cannot believe how many women and children love turtles.  When I show people the cover of the book with Sully emerging from the sand, everyone adores him.

The book is available at for $12. Thanking You in advance for your appreciation.



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