I have spotted my first Robin today looking for worms. The ground is still frozen and firm and the worms will not be here until April. I hope they can find enough food till the rains of April; are upon us. The Crows are still announcing my presence, on the street. They are the protecting force of Nature. All the small birds left the grass and flew to a higher plane, yet the two Doves remained on the ground.

I looked at the trees with no leaves; only the branches, to find a few birds singing on the trees. Their song is sweet and cheerful. In fact as I think of all the song birds of the World, I have never heard a negative song. They all sing of the beauty of Nature. They all sing with Joy in their Hearts.

Humans must also reflect their thoughts and only express sweet sounds of comfort too Everyone. Singing Praise to the Youth encouraging them to grow in the right direction. Giving them guidance so they may find only Happiness in Life. I find our Parent’s, Parent’s the wisest of all. They have journeyed the greatest distance. They have also been born in an era that has had a great return and wealth. They have been able to secure a home and in some cases a cottage or trailer. They have been able to travel and see the sites and marvels of the World.

They were given the opportunity to join different organizations to further their growth physically and mentally. In todays World are Youth have several hurdles to jump and land safely. If they are fortunate to get a great education in a field that gives them the opportunity to grow wealth in abundance. That they continue to have good health and make wise choices of food and drink. To openly learn and listen to only the factors that will give them wisdom. These Children will also be great Parents as they will pass down the sword of Life and the Pen to write their Path of Love and wealth.

Spiritually we all must thank our Maker, for God has given us everything. All we need is to follow His commandments. Amen

Lynn Barry Worthington

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