A bird requires many feathers to fly. Each feather is one spine with many fibres working together. The bird can reach extreme heights and then glide endlessly; without effort.

I look at his wings outstretched and wonder if a human could learn from this creature. I cannot fly nor can I glide; yet I admire this ability. Working together seems to be the key to Life.

If we all work together: for our common goal. To reach the heights and glide through our mission; without any effort, because we stand united.

Let’s take one feather from every tribe in North america and place each feather side by side standing tall. This will be our crest and our quest.


Many years ago we were separate tribes and we were unable to work together. We felt we had to compete with each other for survival.

Birds of a feather flock together. Let’s get all the flocks together…now and join for our common goal. Let’s make NORTH AMERICA STRONG AND FREE. Clean air and water to breathe and drink as our forefathers were able to do.

We can rebuild this NATION and restore the beauty of this earth as it was given to us in the beginning. Greed and lust has taken hold of our minds and hearts. We have forgotten what we once had and never taught our children how to respect the EARTH. I hold my head high and I demand of each and every person to respect each other and think before you cast another stone to destroy this beautiful COUNTRY.

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